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CHOSEN Tickets is a Concert, Conference and Special Events partner, providing customized, full-service marketing and ticketing solutions to the faith-based community. We are a turn-key service that well understands the entire production and special events timeline. From creative and conceptual design, straight through to delivery of full-scale events, our partners and associated companies have been honored to help with the success of some of the world’s largest music events, conventions and marketing campaigns. We are a wholesome organization that exclusively promotes family-friendly content. If you are looking for a ticketing partner with not only shared ideology, but also the high-stakes capabilities to deliver on promises, look no further. CHOSEN Tickets is here to assist you.

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Chosen Tickets is a full-scale, turn-key ticketing service with functions, features and cutting-edge software ready to meet all of your customized needs. Register your event by clicking above and start selling tickets to your event today!

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There are many ticketing companies. The difference with ours is not only what we do, but how we do it. CHOSEN Tickets is a completely unique, turn-key service which integrates throughout the entire client/promoter and customer experiences. From event entry and web page creation, straight through to ticket delivery, CHOSEN Tickets is “hands on”. We offer the full extent of our resources and capacities to each and every client and each and every attendee.
With over 15 years of successful operation in the trenches of highly demanding events, our system has been created to pre-solve problems. Decisive functionality, exceptional adjustability and highly practical, The CHOSEN Tickets system is flexible enough to customize yet firm enough to operate on “auto-pilot”.
Whether you are looking for real-time attendee statistics, fraud protection, ticket scanning capabilities or box office solutions, CHOSEN Tickets use of Smart Technology makes the impossible seem ordinary.
Not only are we out in front of technological innovation, but we are also leaders in the fields of marketing and messaging. In this fast-paced world, it is increasingly important to team with companies like ours that are not only relevant and creative, but also thinkers and dreamers…helping deliver tomorrow’s message today.
CHOSEN Tickets offers responsive solutions (technology, ticketing, marketing and staffing) structured to the needs of each special event.
Applying creativity and advancement to the process of marketing and ticketing events, CHOSEN Tickets provides you greater capability with less cost.
CHOSEN Tickets maintains partnerships with churches, arenas and special event venues across the nation. We ticket conferences, musical events, fundraisers, galas and special events. We maintain databases of customers who want to know about your next event!
CHOSEN Tickets support is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We honor your trust in our company and promise to care for your needs with a qualified, knowledgeable, courteous and proactive staff.
To experience a well-marketed and well-managed event, together with increased ticket sales and a place where your message is told loud and clear,
we invite you to TICKET YOUR EVENT with us.
Chosen Tickets...Your Event Marketing & Ticketing Partner
A direct tie-in to Facebook and other social media apps, iPhone and iPad apps, as well as participation in reaching local and regional opt-in lists, top banners and features on CHOSEN Tickets websites and coast-to-coast cross marketing, CHOSEN Tickets offers tremendous opportunities to serve its clients and reach event attendees. CHOSEN Tickets also offers optional participation in print, billboard, television and integrated sponsorship campaigns as well as a full graphics and design department to help centralize, focus and coordinate your turn-key experience.
CHOSEN Tickets was created to be a turn-key experience, easy for our clients, even easier for your attendees. Every effort has been made to offer help and support at every level of the ticketing process. A full-time call center and ticket shipping outlet has been established for your attendees. Box Office, equipment, training and staffing options are available for our clients. We have teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with the success of your event. CHOSEN Tickets is by your side as a fully involved partner whether you need a lot of help or a little.
Cash Flow
Chosen Tickets clients receive real-time receipt of ticket sales proceeds deposited directly in to your bank account on a daily basis.
The CHOSEN Tickets system is perfect for any size event, whether a small church conference or a large-scale music festival. Our management functions, features and teams are at work around the clock, carefully maintaining and assuring the success of your special events. Most of our ticketing services, support and management are a part of the standard ticketing package; however, CHOSEN Tickets provides optional full-scale management of your marketing and ticketing process including staffing at every level. Our web-based Box Office is fully accessible from any computer, Smartphone, iPad or POS. You will be able to enjoy the benefits and mobility of our easy-to-use software and as well as instant access to your event information, sales and statistics.
Flexibility & Scalability
The CHOSEN Tickets system is completely flexible and scalable. Not only do we offer every imaginable individualized seating option, pricing structure and configuration, but we offer it on any level. Through the use of Jetstream via the infinite scalability of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing system, we provide an on-sale system capable of automatically expanding our server power to meet the needs of your sale(s). No matter how high the demand, we keep your attendees (and their friends and followers) happy and loyal by providing them immediate attention. No “waiting rooms” or need to “refresh your screen” at CHOSEN Tickets. Jetstream keeps the process simple and enables customers to secure their tickets without any wait time. Our system can process over 150,000 tickets in 10 seconds!
Customer Service
CHOSEN Tickets is committed to serving your customers and attendees honorably, as if we were seating our own family members. We pledge to provide them an informative, state-of-the-art and easy to navigate ticketing experience and to offer the full complement of our capacities and staff to help with any ticketing needs they may have.
Ticket Your Event
Since you are the boss, you can create seating options and event listings yourself or have our team input your event(s) in to the system for you. It all starts with a seating chart. You provide a seating map and the CHOSEN Tickets Team will get to work creating your custom chart. We also have options for multi-angle charts and even image and video views. We design your seating charts with flexibility in mind. You have customization power and adjustability for various events. You can assign ticket types to different venue sections, set on-sale timers, add custom fees and even set delivery methods at the click of a mouse. Your seating chart can be used as an effective tool onsite. With our web-based Box Office and a monitor screen, you can use your chart for walk-up attendees and let them handpick their preferred spot or utilize a “best available” option. They’ll have assigned seats in minutes! Because our seating system is so customizable, it’s suitable for any venue from small auditoriums to stadiums. Get started now. Let’s TICKET YOUR EVENT!
Seating Options
CHOSEN Tickets’ clients are offered a wide variety of seating options including General Admission, Reserved, Comp, VIP, Group, Promotional, Sponsor, Pre-Sales, Sections, Categories, Multi-Day, Multi-Tier, Multi-Attraction, Season Passes, Flex Passes, Promotions, Discounts, Coupons, Hold Backs, Release Dated and Product Inclusions. You name it, we can provide it!
Ticket Stock Options
CHOSEN Tickets’ clients have a wide variety of ticket stock options for your attendees:

  • Traditional paper ticket stock is still an industry standard. Our custom tickets offer a series of embedded industry-leading anti-fraud technologies including custom holograms, UV inks and a unique number and bar code for easy tracking.
  • Print-at-Home offers attendees the option to print their tickets from a home computer or pull them up on their smart phones at the door. It’s effortless for them and all you have to do is scan them at the door.
  • Magnetic Card or RFID Systems store the attendee’s ticket details on a pre-encoded card or wristband. This is a highly favored, quick and simple method to ticket General Admission events that don’t require printed details on the ticket face.
  • Mix & Match is a viable option for events that have both, Reserved and General Admission categories and/or multiple ticket types for the same event. Our scanners can read them all: paper tickets, iPhone bar codes, iPad bar codes, Magnetic Cards and RFID wrist bands.
  • Custom Stock is an optional service usually reserved for larger events or title sponsor driven events where specific branding of ticket stock would be a valuable asset to the event. CHOSEN Tickets is able to pre-print paper ticket stock or magnetic cards with names and graphics of events or sponsors directly on the ticket stock.

Order Processing
We’ve made our event and purchase pages easily navigable and optimized to fit any size screen, whether 3? or 27?. Customers can buy tickets or check the status of their order from wherever they are without all the scrolling and pinching. Whether online at www.ChosenTickets.com, at an event specific website, on Facebook, a local outlet, on a Mobile device or at a CHOSEN Tickets Box Office established at your location, your attendees can purchase tickets to your events and hold their bar coded receipt any number of ways (paper, ticket, Mag Card, iPhone, iPad, RFID wristband or at Will Call) until being scanned in to the event for admission. You can even provide tickets for sale at the door using our efficient software and the CHOSEN Tickets Box Office where you can accept cash or credit payments and sell a ticket in seconds.
Will Call
Attendees are able to avoid long lines with our fully-featured Will Call option. Whether a purchase was made online, on a Mobile device or to our Call Center, they can opt to have their tickets placed at Will Call. Attendees’ orders and tickets are easy to find using only a single bit of their included information or credit card number.
CHOSEN Tickets offers admission scanning options through iPhone apps as well as our state-of-the-art scanning devices. Our scanning system speeds through entry lines without compromising accuracy. Fraudulent or problem tickets are found automatically all while scanning up to 1500 tickets per hour per device.
Service Fees
These are fees added on top of the admission fee by CHOSEN Tickets and/or our clients to offset the cost of providing professional and organized marketing, ticketing, and admission and seating services. Typically, these fees are charged directly to the attendees along with any optional selections an attendee has made for products (such as bundled items: music cd’s, collectables, food, etc.) or ticket shipping services (such as overnight shipped tickets). Event organizers have the option to bundle any/all of these fees in to the admission fee.
Ticket Fulfillment
The ticket purchasing process allows the attendee to choose to print the ticket at home, request a ticket by mail, print a ticket or paper printout at a CHOSEN Ticket Box Office set up at your venue or email the ticket (for printing later) or hold the receipt on their Mobile device for admission scanning at the door of the event.
Monitor Ticket Sales
Our system looks simple at first glance; however, layers of advanced options provide even the most sophisticated situations an opportunity for every imaginable setting, control and information output. It all starts with “control”. CHOSEN Tickets offer you the opportunity to set permissions on your account to control security on a case-by-case basis. With our privacy settings, you can limit an employee’s access to your account according to a variety of factors. For instance, you may want to set a designer’s access so he can style event pages, but can’t see your sales and financial stats. You may have an accounting team that is not involved in the event creation process, but needs to monitor financials. You can allow or disallow each person specific access to each and every module and component on our system. With our new responsive website, you can view your marketing and ticketing information from any internet connected device.
Our event-related statistics provide valuable information required to understand sales patterns and the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns as well as the ability to track attendance on the day of your event in real-time. Our fully customizable reports allow you to choose exactly what you want to see. Select specific data to create personalized charts and graphs by pulling only the fields you need.
Sponsorship Opportunities
CHOSEN Tickets values you, our clients and your message. We also understand that you have strategic partnerships and sponsorships to help make special events happen. Our team is here to help brand and value raise wherever we can to enhance both your message and the message of your strategic partners. Just ask…we likely have a way to accomplish that which has never been done before! We look forward to partnering together and invite you to TICKET YOUR EVENT now!